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Modular LED signal tower light with built-in terminal
MTG realizes customer’s various demands by adopting modular design

1. Terminal type base module
Terminal type base module can wire power lines and signaling lines separately depending on the installation environment

2. Buzzer module
· High-volume buzzer module
The high-volume buzzer module with a high-output buzzer can deliver a stronger signal than a standard buzzer module.
(Buzzer volume: Max. 100dB at 1m).
· Waterproof buzzer module
The waterproof buzzer module with a fully enclosed structure can emit a stable buzzer sound
(IP Rating: IP65, buzzer volume: Max. 85dB at 1m).

3. Integrated cover and lens model

4. Black and silver applied products (customized type)

5. Cable end M12 connector attached type (Customization)

6. Can select from a variety of mounting brackets option to fit yourapplication needs and build environment

Terminal type base module
· Constructing a terminal block to release locking on the terminal block type base module enables wiring without using a special tool.
· User directly selects the standard power cable length, color, specifications, and so on and customized wiring is possible.
· Easy wiring by releasing locking with a button.

Cover integrated Lens option is available
It is possible to assemble a product with a different atmosphere from existing products by using a cover lens integrated module in which the cover and the LED module are integrated.
· MGA LED module
Excellent visibility even from a distance by adopting a colored diffuser lens that is integrated with the cover
· MCA LED module
Clear and beautiful signal light by embedding a filter lens in a transparent groove that is integrated with the cover
· MRA LED module
Soft and cozy signal light is emitted by using a milky translucent lens that is integrated with the cover.

Each modular color lens can be added without additional tools

· Each module can be added and exchanged without additional tools
· Cover module, buzzer module, and cover lens are available upon request
· Self-stand, pole mounting, and M12-Connector type base modules are avaialbe
· Various mounting brackets are possible to apply in case of pole mounting type model

How to configure module
MTG can be configured by means of various modules in accordance with customers environment
(following table is an example of MTG50/MTC50/MTR50)