At a glance

  • Decoding of all common 1D, 2D, and stacked codes, as well as optical character recognition (depending on type)
  • Flexible interfaces: serial interface, USB, and Ethernet
  • Function buttons, aiming laser, focus adjustment, auto-setup, and green feedback LED
  • Industrial, compact housing with swivel connector
  • MicroSD memory card for storing images and backup copies of parameters

Your Benefits

  • Intelligent decoding algorithms ensure optimal reading performance, good read rates, and high throughput
  • 4Dpro facilitates quick and easy integration into many industrial networks
  • Intuitive setup with aiming laser, focus adjustment, and auto-setup reduces training and installation time and costs
  • Simple mounting thanks to a compact housing and swivel connector, even when space is limited
  • Quick and efficient analysis of reading performance and code quality
  • Cloning systems create backup copies of parameters, ensuring short machine downtimes in the event of malfunctions
  • Proven SICK LifeTime Services

Technical data overview

Task Read
Sensor CMOS matrix sensor, grayscale values
Sensor resolution 752 px x 480 px (WVGA)
Light source Red
Focus Adjustable focus (electrically)
Teach auto focus
Lens Integrated
Operator interfaces Web server
Operating elements 2 buttons (choose and start/stop functions)
Serial (RS-232, RS-422)
USB ✔ , USB 2.0
Ethernet –, PROFINET (optional via external connection module CDM), EtherCAT® (optional over external fieldbus module CDF600) / ✔ , TCP/IP, FTP (image transmission), PROFINET, EtherNet/IP™, EtherCAT® (optional over external fieldbus module CDF600)
CAN bus ✔ , CANopen, CSN (SICK CAN Sensor Network)
PROFIBUS DP ✔ , Optional over external fieldbus module (CDF600-2)
Configuration software SOPAS ET
Dimensions 71 mm x 43 mm x 35.6 mm 1)
1) Swivel connector is 17.8 mm longer.

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