At a glance

  • 2/4 megapixel resolution, high frame repetition rate of 40 Hz
  • Dynamic focus adjustment from object to object
  • Integrated high-power LED illumination
  • Function buttons, aiming laser, optical and acoustic feedback signal
  • Intelligent, rapid decoding algorithms

Your Benefits

  • Highly flexible code position, object height, and transport speed due to a large field of view and dynamic focus
  • Cost-effective, straightforward, modular integration of multiple devices adapted to the width of the conveyor belt
  • Minimum training and installation work due to intuitive device equipment that includes function buttons, auto setup, integrated illumination, an aiming laser, an acoustic feedback signal, and a green feedback LED
  • Intelligent decoding algorithms ensure maximum reading performance and high package throughput, even with codes that are difficult to read
  • SICK 4Dpro platform facilitates quick and easy integration into numerous industrial networks

Technical data overview

Task Read
Sensor CMOS matrix sensor, grayscale values
Sensor resolution 2,048 px x 1,088 px
2,048 px x 2,048 px
Light source Blue / White
Focus Adjustable focus (manually)
Dynamic focus control
Lens Exchangeable (C-mount), to be ordered separately as an accessory / integrated
Optical format 1'
Operator interfaces Web server
Operating elements 2 buttons (choose and start/stop functions)
Serial (RS-232, RS-422) ✔ / –
USB ✔ , USB 2.0 / –
Ethernet ✔ , TCP/IP, FTP (image transmission), EtherNet/IP™, PROFINET (optional over external fieldbus module CDF600-2) / ✔ , TCP/IP, FTP (image transmission), EtherNet/IP™, PROFINET / ✔ , TCP/IP, FTP (image transmission), EtherNet/IP™
CAN bus ✔ , CSN (SICK CAN Sensor Network)
PROFIBUS DP ✔ , Optional over external fieldbus module (CDF600-2) / –
Configuration software SOPAS ET
Dimensions 142 mm x 89 mm x 46 mm 1)
142.8 mm x 90 mm x 106.1 mm
142.6 mm x 90 mm x 106.1 mm
1) Only housing without lens and protective hood.

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