At a glance

  • Ultra-compact housing
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Wide-range voltage supply 12 V DC ... 24 V DC
  • Screw-fit RJ45 GigE interface
  • Screw-fit Hirose plug connector for the voltage supply and digital inputs and outputs
  • Color, monochrome, and NIR variants
  • Connection for C mount lenses

Your Benefits

  • The picoCam family is ideal for use on the Sensor Integration Machine (SIM), to support complex image processing tasks
  • Ideal for multi-camera applications, e.g., several picoCams on the SIM
  • Simple operation using just one connecting cable thanks to PoE
  • Reliable, even in very tight spaces
  • Intuitive operation via the I2D Software Suite for Windows from SICK
  • Simple plug and play installation on the SIM thanks to pre-assembled cables
  • Wide range of C mount lenses available

Technical data overview

Sensor CMOS Mono / CMOS Color
Sensor resolution 1,280 px x 1,024 px (1.31 Mpixel, 5:4, SXGA)
1,600 px x 1,200 px (1.92 Mpixel, 4:3, UXGA)
1,936 px x 1,216 px (2.35 Mpixel, 16:10, 2 MP)
2,048 px x 2,048 px (4.19 Mpixel, 1:1, 4 MP)
Lens C-mount
Optical format 1/1.8'
GigE ✔ , RJ45, screw-fit
Configuration software I2D Software Suite
Dimensions 40.5 mm x 29 mm x 29 mm

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PDF file : https://cdn.sick.com/media/familyoverview/1/51/351/familyOverview_picoCam_g386351_en.pdf

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