Heavy-duty Connector


Heavy-duty Connector

The modular product series has a brand-new connection system, which can meet the various requirements of users. Through close corperation with users, a modular installation connector is developed. It can be assembled from different basic modules according to the use condition. Therefore, the modular module is a continuous follow-up development of the product series, which can combine the pins of control circuit and power circuit in a connector.

Individual modules in the modular product family allow customers to integrate power, optical and pneumatic signals. Pneumatic needle is suitable for plugging liduid medium. However, it should be noted that according to VDE criteria, electrical fluids are not allowed to be combined in the same connector.

Practically tested standard pins and standard housing can continue to be used in this new product series. Depending on the size of the shell, it can integrate one to two modules. When assembled, individual basic modules are embedded in a fixed frame and can be replaced seperately when disassambled. 

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